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Skin Care Routine Order Morning and Night

You can’t mix up your day and nighttime skin care routine. The opposite will only make the products you use later in the day ineffective. Morning skincare is about protecting your skin from the elements, while nighttime skincare is about rest and restoration. A dermatologist in New Haven, Connecticut, recommends following a proper skin care routine. Here are some steps you should take each day to ensure glowing skin. And don’t forget to include hand cream and sunscreen.

While the importance of following a proper skin care routine can’t be overemphasized, the order in which you apply the products each day can make a difference. Keeping it simple and following it religiously will maximize the efficacy of your skincare routine. After all, no one’s skin is the same. And if you use the same skincare products every day, why complicate matters? Instead, follow a simple routine that is tailored to your skin type.

After cleansing, apply serum and moisturizer. Apply sunscreen last. Applying skincare products in the right order will ensure they’ll be effective and won’t be rendered useless if they’re applied improperly. Consult a dermatologist if you’re unsure of the correct order. He will explain the best order for each product. If you don’t know how to apply a particular product, try following the directions provided by the company.

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